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Master Your Finances: Customized Accounting For Contractors!

Are you a contractor feeling overwhelmed with endless bookkeeping tasks?

Struggling to find time for your business growth and personal life?

Do you REALLY want to spend your time studying tax compliance?

Be honest...How many times in the last year have you been exhausted and thought: "There's just not enough time in the day!"

At 7Pillars Bookkeeping, we understand the challenges you face. 
We know how difficult it is to keep up with ever-changing tax codes in the contracting industry.

You don’t have time to keep up with it all, much less create long-term strategies.

Let us take the burden off your shoulders, so you can focus on what you do best - building your business and enjoying quality time with your family.

At 7 Pillars, we offer a wide range of tax prep and accounting services to meet your exact needs. From audits to bookkeeping and tax advice, we build personal relationships with each one of our clients. 

Our Services

Elite Tax-Saving

Ready to save more on your bottom line? We spend countless hours researching your industry to find every possible tax break.

In-Depth Accounting For Better Decisions

Insight- it’s what every great business decision is based on. We function as your CFO & create the ideal accounting strategy to give you a measurable edge.

Full-Cycle Bookkeeping Services

Time is money & knowledge is power. Let us put your bookkeeping on autopilot to ensure that you always have plenty of both.

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1st Month's Services

Let us help you build a long-term financial strategy to maximize your profits.

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Tax Preparation That Pays Dividends

What happens when an accounting firm uses every possible resource to analyze your tax prep?

It means you gain substantial tax savings and insight throughout the year. You’ll also be able to make smarter decisions with your working capital without worrying about a looming April 15th deadline. We like to think of it as tax-prep perfection since all your tax-bases are covered.

A More Meaningful
Accounting Experience

Accounting is about far more than crunching numbers or balancing books. Our experts give you a clear picture of your overall financial health to simplify planning, plus customized reports packed with real strategic insights. With 7 Pillars on your side, your finances will never be left in the dark again.

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Powerful 21st Century Bookkeeping

At 7 Pillars, our purpose is to simplify your life while empowering your business. That’s why we offer a variety of modern bookkeeping and payroll services designed to supercharge your books without hurting your bottom line. Forget about ancient, one-size-fits-all bookkeeping strategies that simply don’t work. We have the ideal 21st century solutions to fit your budget.

The Pitfalls of Clinging to
In-House Accounting

A recent US survey showed that 31% of small businesses still keep track of their books on Excel spreadsheets. However, this reporting method was almost four times more prone to human error and potential tax problems down the road. The number one reason given for sticking to these methods was the cost of hiring an accountant.

Interestingly enough, the study also found that companies spent up to 55% more in labor keeping their own books. Switching to 21st century bookkeeping and payroll offered an average savings of 24% while saving employees almost ten man hours per week.

Looking for True Relationship-Based Accounting?

7Pillars is the best full-service accounting firm for contractors that excels in all your business needs.


Who We Are

Professional CFO Accounting Services With A Personal Touch

7 Pillars:

I. Wisdom
II. Knowledge
III. Understanding
IV. Integrity
V. Commitment
VI. Humility - Good Listener/Problem Solver
VII. Peace (Proverbs 9:1)

We created 7Pillars for contractors just like you. We are more than just number crunchers. We are your partners in success. Our job is to make your life easier, and we spend tremendous amounts of time finding industry insights to enhance your business & tax preparation strategies. With a down-to-earth approach and unwavering honesty, we tailor our services to suit your needs. We will sit down with you to learn about your specific challenges and where you need help - every single one of our services are custom-tailored to you. When you work with us, you become a part of our family and your business growth becomes our shared goal. 

If you’re looking for a CFO that’s truly invested in your business success, please call us today at (315) 944-5841 to learn how we can help.

Meet The Owner

CFO bookkeeper Maggie Levy

Maggie Levy

Hello there! I'm Maggie Levy, a dedicated CFO Bookkeeper based in beautiful North Carolina. Thanks to the power of Cloud Technology, I get to work with fantastic business owners all across the great U.S.A. My passion lies in taking bookkeeping off their plates, allowing them to focus on what they excel at – growing their businesses!
Around 11 years ago, I found my calling in Accounting, and it ignited a deep desire to support small to medium-sized businesses. Being a part of their financial journey's growth and success is an absolute honor. Over the years, I've honed streamlined bookkeeping strategies that empower business owners to increase profits, minimize tax liabilities, and unlock their full growth potential!
Born in sunny Miami Beach, Florida, and raised in Upstate, NY, I pursued my Business Administration degree in Syracuse, NY. With two decades of diverse experience in the financial field across different industries, I feel truly grateful for the knowledge I bring to the table. Currently, I reside in Wilmington, North Carolina with my wonderful husband, and together, we are blessed with a loving family of ten children and two grand-kids.
It brings me immense joy to support businesses like yours on their financial journey. Let's partner together and unlock your business's full potential for success!

Watch Out For These Common Myths!

Myth #1- "Filing for Tax Extensions Increases Audit Chances"

Does the IRS become suspicious when you ask for more time to file your taxes? Absolutely not. Businesses have hundreds of legitimate reasons why they can’t meet the April 15th deadline. Filing for an extension shows that employers are committed to filing their taxes accurately, which actually decreases the chances of an audit.
The truth is that over 10 million businesses and taxpayers are granted six-month filing extensions every year. This actually helps the IRS during the peak season and there is absolutely no evidence of late filers being audited more often. This myth is 100% busted.

Myth #2 - "Bookkeeping Can Wait" 
Delaying bookkeeping can lead to missed opportunities and financial setbacks. Let us streamline your finances, so you stay ahead in the game.

Myth #3 -  "I Can Do It All Myself"
While you're a pro at your trade, bookkeeping demands expertise. After all, the goal is to work "on" your business, not "in" your business so you can have more time freedom & less overwhelm. Trust our seasoned professionals to keep your records flawless and compliant.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of having
an accountant

Having a dedicated accountant by your side offers numerous benefits for contractors like you. Firstly, it allows you to focus on what truly matters – growing your business and enjoying quality time with your loved ones. An accountant takes the burden of financial tasks off your plate, ensuring accuracy and compliance, and providing valuable insights for informed decision-making. With their expertise, you can optimize tax savings, minimize liabilities, and unlock your business's full growth potential. From streamlining bookkeeping to navigating complex financial matters, an accountant becomes your trusted ally in achieving financial confidence and success.

How detailed do my business records
have to be?

Your business records should be kept in a comprehensive yet organized manner. While it may seem overwhelming, precise and detailed records are essential for your business's health and growth. Every transaction, expense, and income source must be properly documented to ensure accurate financial reporting and compliance with tax regulations. A systematic approach to record-keeping not only helps you make informed decisions but also prepares you for potential audits or financial reviews. Our team understands the importance of meticulous record-keeping, and we'll guide you in maintaining the level of detail

What are some signs that I need
an accountant?

As a contractor juggling various responsibilities, certain signs indicate that it's time to bring a CFO or an accountant on board. If you find yourself overwhelmed with financial tasks, spending more time on bookkeeping than growing your business, it's a clear indicator that expert assistance is needed. Similarly, if you're facing challenges with tax filings, maximizing profits, or making financial decisions, a CFO or an accountant can provide the necessary expertise and strategic insights. Additionally, if your business is growing rapidly, it's crucial to have a financial professional to navigate complexities and support your expansion. Our team specializes in assisting contractors like you, and we'll be here to support your success every step of the way.


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