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You've heard all the promises...

You've invested in several different marketing tactics...

You've sent mailers, run TV commercials, run some ads online... 

But something is missing.

Ad costs are going up at a faster rate than your sales...

It's getting more difficult to compete with the larger furniture store chains and stay profitable.

You're getting the sense that there's more to it than hiring someone else to run ads. 

Do you have a clear, community focused digital marketing strategy that includes social media, traffic, reputation, funnels, automation, TV Ads, etc.?

Who's evaluating your digital advertising results on every level to make sure you spend more efficiently? 

Not to mention:

You actually care about your customers.

They aren't just numbers...

They are the reason you and your team can feed your families. 

That big marketing agency with fancy offices will never be able to give you or your customers the time & thought they deserve.

And you know it.
If this is how you're feeling...

You are not alone...
You are the reason I am building Digital Marketing Therapy.

Put your credit card away for now.

Here's my promise to you: 

I'll map out a full strategy for you that will help:

A.  Build local trust authentically

B. Position your company as a deeply connected leader in the community and legally steal business from the big furniture store chains.

C. Generate consistent and predictable growth for your furniture store.

But in order to serve you at that level...

I have to ask you some real questions about where you are right now.

And Your Honesty Is Important.

Connect With Me.