"Once Upon A Time...
My Smile Was For Everyone Else.
Now It's Real!" 
Dr Ayesha - Theracoaching
At any given moment, I had to be:

The Wife
The Mom
The Co-Worker
The Daughter 
The Daughter-In-Law
The Sister
The Friend

On the surface...
I was married with a family and a great career, so everyone thought I was happy.

They saw exactly what I wanted them to see,
But on the inside:


I was the one holding everything together.

I was stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted, frustrated, anxious, & COMPLETELY UNHAPPY. 
I felt stuck & I felt alone.

But I knew if I didn't figure it out soon, I was going to break & everyone would see THE REAL ME.

That thought was absolutely terrifying!


Before I Move On...
Your Honesty Is Important.

Can You Relate?

Yes, This Is ME!